Grands-Jardins Park

Located high on the mountaintops of the Charlevoix Region on the vast territory of 310 square km, the National Park Grands-Jardins (Parc national des Grands-Jardins), is home to sub-Arctic taiga fauna and flora with the carpet of lichen and the northern vegetation, which is unusual at this latitude. Many caribous and wolves oddly coexist in the park.

The park is also home to species representative of northern regions, notably moose, bears, and lynx. Since the 19th century, the area has been renowned for its fishing opportunities. In fact, the Murray River Fishing Club, known as well as Club La Roche, was already welcoming a wealthy clientele in 1895.

Today, the park with its Arthabaska or Turgeon lakes is still a favourite of fishing enthusiasts. Many hikers, campers and vacationers also appreciate the magical setting of this exceptional park, one of the central areas of the Charlevoix World Biosphere Reserve. Atop the 980-metre high Mont du Lac-des-Cygnes, visitors are amazed by its rugged relief and diversity of plant and animal life. This mountain is identified as the patrimonial treasure most representative of the Charlevoix region.

On the same territory, deciduous forests and alpine vegetation such as taiga are found. Mountain biking buffs can revel in their favourite sport on the park’s roads. As to accommodations and camping, comfortable cabins are equipped with a stove, fridge, kitchen equipment and propane heating.

About 60 semi-serviced sites and 30 rustic sites will be sure to appeal to visitors at Camping Arthabaska, La Roche campground, Pied-des-Monts campground, located near the Mont du Lac-des-Cygnes trail, and Etang Malbaie campground, by a pond that gives this spot its charm. The park offers two ready-to-camp formulas: tent-trailer and Huttopia tent.

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