Jarry Park

The Jarry Park is a vast, open space located in the centre of the island of Montréal. The park occupies en area of 36 hectares and has a number of recreational sites and playing fields and offers a beautiful view of Mount Royal.

Many children opt for the park's wading pond, while others fly their kites over its open fields. Strollers can select from a number of paths The Jarry Park has hosted Canada's international tennis opens every year since 1995.

Previously its baseball stadium served to the Expos baseball team. Curiously enough, Jarry Street which runs along the north border of the park and Jarry Park are named for different people. The street is named after an early 18th-century landowner, but the park is named in honour of Raoul Jarry city councillor for Villeray neighbour in the 1920ies. The city of Montreal took possession of the park lands in 1945.

Tennis courts, playgrounds, wading and swimming pools and public bathrooms were added bit by bit and in 1960, a 3000-seat baseball stadium was constructed. For a period of two years, from 1985 to 1987, the Jarry Park was renamed Parc Jean-Paul in a flurry of enthusiasm after the Pope’s mass in the park during his 1984 visit to Quebec, but the name change has never taken hold, so the park reverted to its original name in 1987.

The large sculpture near Boulevard Saint-Laurent near the police station is Caesura by Montreal artist Linda Covit, installed in 1991 and dedicated to Nobel peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi. To get to Jarry Park the best metro stop is de Castelnau station and not Jarry. You can take the 55 bus up the Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

There is some parking in a lot facing Jarry and also adjoining the tennis facility. Although the park isn’t on a bike path it’s commonly cycled through.

The Jarry Park is bordered by Faillon Street to the south, Jarry Street to the north, Saint Laurent Boulevard to the east, and the Canadian Pacific rail tracks to the west.

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