Wildlife Reserves of Assinica and Albanel-Mistassini-and-Waconichi Lakes

As travellers take route 167 North, they enter the largest Wildlife reserve in Quebec, that’s the natural reserve of Albanel-Mistassini-and-Waconichi lakes, formed by the passing glaciers.

If you fly over the site, you’ll see an outline of giant claw marks. Guests will find here more than 5,000 lakes, rivers and streams. It is thus a paradise on earth – and on water – for all fishers. About 20 species of fish can be caught.

Fish people catch here are so big they will provide great fishing stories for many years to come. You can fish Brook trout, Lake trout, Northern pike and Walleye in lakes Mistassini, Albanel and Waconichi. Lake Mistassini, 176-km long and up to 40 kilometres in width, is as large as an interior sea, and it’s the largest body of fresh water in the province. The two wildlife reserves are located near the city of Chibougamau. These vast spaces are perfect for nature lovers.

Over 200 species of animal, including beavers, great horned owls and otters have chosen the site as their habitat. Many opportunities for excursions, vacations and fishing are offered by the reserves, but registration with SEPAQ is required for all activities within the territory of reserves.

Note than canoe-camping enthusiasts must apply in writing for authorization to the director of the reserves, specifying the detailed route they will follow, their daily travel distances, the number of adults and children under 18, as well as the name of each person, and their experience.

To find out more about SEPAQ: www.sepaq.com

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