Whale Route

The region of the Cote-Nord (Northern Shore) is considered one of the five best places in the world for the observation of different species of whales.

From Tadoussac to Blanc-Sablon, Cote-Nord and its territories, such as Manicouagan or Duplessis, are known as the Whale Route. Indeed, most of the species of whales living or visiting the St. Lawrence Gulf can be seen along this route. Visitors can see from the so called small harbour porpoise to the enormous blue whale, the largest mammal on the Earth. Tadoussac may be the best known area for whale watching.

This town is located on the shores of Tadoussac Bay. No doubt, this bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Sea and whale watching excursions can me ordered here through a few companies based in Tadoussac. Nevertheless, other sites in the Manicouagan and the Duplessis regions, with their magnificent fine-sand beaches, offer exceptional observation conditions.

Guests can observe whales even from the shore, from April to November. Besides, various species of seals and a great number of species of marine birds can be observed as well.

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