Parks of Lanaudiere

Located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River, the Lanaudiere region features a large number of parks, forests and nature conservation areas.

First at all, Mont-Tremblant national park is number one area among outdoor enthusiasts for its camping, canoeing, kayaking, hiking, and cycling or just observing and relaxing… East of Berthierville, guests can visit the Lac-Saint-Pierre Biosphere Reserve, which provides sanctuary for about 300 bird species.

The Biosphere Reserve is the largest waterfowl staging area in North America.

The Rouge-Matawin and Mastigouche wildlife reserves are well known, and three waterfall parks: Chutes-Monte-à-Peine-et-des-Dalles Park, Cascades Park and the Chutes-Dorwin Park offer up spectacular and refreshing settings for family strolls and picnics.

lanaudiere park

The Tourbieres de Lanoraie are another great destination for those who like the unusial: this is a protected peat bog area featuring a northern flora.

The Tourbieres reserve is the only ecological reserve in Québec open to the public. The northern part of the region is covered by forests conductive to recreational tourism. All this parks and forests are a very interesting addition to Lanaudiere’s numerous historic sites and museums.

 winter in lanaudiere

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