Tour of Lanaudiere

The southern part of the Lanaudiere region borders the St. Lawrence River for about 50 kilometres.

These areas consist of lowlands suitable for agriculture. The northern zone of the region is covered by forests ideals for the lumber industry and recreational tourism. Most of its small and medium businesses here are in the food, rubber, paper, housing, plastic products and furniture industries.

Besides, the Lanaudiere Region is made up of three distinct geographical groupings: the southern plain has cities and farming villages and includes many historical locations; the piedmont in the center has become a vacation spot due to its numerous lakes and natural attractions.

The Laurentian Plateau is located in the far north in the forested country, famous for its fishing and hiking. The three main ports of entry for Lanaudiere are all in the south: Terrebonne, Repentigny and Berthierville.

Lanaudiere's road network was developed according to three north south axes (25-125, 31-131, 347), all of which have few links with the neighbouring regions. Even though this internal network is almost exclusively composed of secondary roads, it is well-designed for long automobile trips or for biking.

Lanaudiere has two wildlife preserves, the Rouge-Matawin and the Mastigouche, as well as part of the Mont Tremblant Park. Further to the north, about an hour away from Saint-Michel-des-Saints, there is an Amerindian reservation where Atikamekw (Manawa) live. Lanaudiere is an ideal destination for families with children. Indeed the region offers a wealth of activities for young and old alike, whether you enjoy outdoor excursions, shows, many festivals, fruit picking, farm visits, creative or educational workshops, guided tours and much more.

Lanaudiere has many health centres offering top-quality massotherapy and other treatments, in an environment that is totally Zen. Immigrants, who settle here, come froe dozens of countries, such as France, Italy, Haiti, the United States, Belgium, Portugal, Germany, China, Poland and others.


Fêtes gourmandes de Lanaudière

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