Forges du St-Maurice National Historic Site of Canada

Forges du St. Maurice are located in Trois-Rivieres, 150 km from Montreal and Quebec via 40 and 55 Highways, near the Trois-Rivieres bicycle path.

As the center of first Canada's iron making industry, this Forges produced iron and cast iron for military and domestic use for more than 150 years. Visitors can visit the central house - a store, the ironmaster's house and the blast furnice.

In the blast furnice, the primary production center, people discover how how cast iron was made in the 18th and 19th centuries. Inside the Central House (Grande Maison) you'll find a museum, few scale models and a show on the life of a worker back in the 19th century.

Visitors also can follow the developpement of the industrial community during the visit. Hundreds of archeological remains can be seen in this richly historical place. Outside, on the shores of the St. Maurice River, stands, still rising proudly the lower forge, the only chimeny of its kind in Canada. If you are geared up for self-guided tours, dozens of interpretation panes are installed along the historical trail here. Guests visiting the Forges of St. Maurice can take advantage of the many attractions of the Trois-Rivieres City, one of the oldest settlements in Canada and a city or rich history and culture.

The region's must sees include La Mauricie National Park, the Energy City (La Cité de l'Energie), the former Shawinigan Aluminium Smelting Complex, the Church of the Notre-Dame-de-la-Presentation, the Quebec Museum of Folk Culture, and the old prison associated with the museum.

Contact Forges: Phone: 819 378-5116

Web Site of the Forges:

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