Laval in photos

Laval City represents an area of 245 square kilometres. Laval is home to many historic houses, monuments, churches and old neighbourhoods that recall the high points of the region’s development. Villages and parishes like Sainte-Rose, Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and Sainte-Dorothée have grown but still retain their old-time charm and antique houses. The city gives you more opportunities to find the home you love.

Laval’s rural area produces such an array of horticultural and garden products that it has earned the undisputed title of Flower & Garden Capital of Quebec. There is simply no better place to discover and appreciate the authentic taste and charm of regional products than via Laval's farm-holiday and garden tourism tours.

Nature lovers will appreciate the tour Les Chemins de la nature that includes flowers, vegetables, fine herbs, honey and goat cheese. Tourists can also discover La Venue des Récoltes: retail greenhouse outlets, farmer's stands, pick your own strawberries, raspberries and apples. Besides, the Château Taillefer Lafon in Sainte-Dorothée was the first Quebec vineyard to be authorized to use the "château" designation.

The Calvary and Cross-relay is another way to discover the fascinating history of local pioneers.

A wide array of housing, neighbourhoods and real estate developments are being offered in Laval for the newcomers, so you should cast a look at Laval’s streets and places:

boulevard de la concorde

De la Concorde Boulevard. Photo by ©

roanne et de la concorde

Roanne Street and De la Concorde West Boulevard. Photo by ©

cluny and de la concorde

De Cluny Street and De la Concorde Boulevard. Photo by ©

concorde station

De la Concorde Subway Station. Yves Gendreau's sculpture Nos allers-retours. Photo by ©

laval avenue

De l'Etoile Avenue. Photo by ©

3 monkees graffiti

Three Monkees graffiti. Photo by ©

pont viau

The Viau Bridge and the Jesus Island's shore. Photo by ©

roanne street

Roanne Street. Photo by ©

de cluny street

De Cluny Street. Photo by ©

laval and the prairies river

The city of Laval is separated from Montreal by the Des Prairies River. Photo by ©

residentail complex Laval

Laval's residential buildings. Photo by ©

rue d'orly

D'Orly Street along the Des Prairies River. Photo by ©

 mall in laval

A mall by the Carter Metro station. Photo by ©

house in laval

Residential neiborghood. Photo by ©

métro cartier laval

Cartier Metro (subway) Station. Photo by ©

etoile and concorde corner

De l'Etoile Avenu and De la Concorde Boulevard corner. Photo by ©

De la Concorde Boulevard

De la Concorde Ouest Boulevard. Photo by ©

orly and viau streets laval

De l'Orly et Pont-Viau Streets corner. Photo by ©

jubinville et proulx

Jubinville and Proulx Est streets corner. Photo by ©

halta raymond jubinville

Halte Raymond Jubinville, a small and cozy park. Photo by ©

railway bridge bordeaux

Bordeaux railway bridge. Photo by ©

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