The Pythonga Tugboat

For almost 65 years, the Pythonga tugboat towed millions of cubic metres of timber on the Baskatong Reservoir, in the Higher Gatineau. This tireless tugboat measures 85 feet long by 16 feet wide. She weighs 70 tons.
The tugboat Pythonga was transported by rail to Maniwaki in 1928. From the town, the Pythonga was transported by sled over the snow to the Baskatong Reservoir.

She had a crew of seven, comprising the captain and mate, two mechanics, two deckhands and a cook. Only the captain had a personal cabin, while the others take turns in the bunks and shared the day and night watches.

Pythonga’s piloting depended entirely on the experience of the crew. The captain gave instructions ringing out on the ship’s bell and the mechanic in the lower hold steered the boat according to these instructions.

The Pythonga Tugboat

Tourists can visit The Pythonga tugboat free of charge.

171 rue Principale Sud
J9E 1Z8

Phone : 819 449-7999

Photo: Daniel Daoust.

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