Fishing in the Saguenay 

The Saguenay fresh and salt waters shelter about 80 fish species while over 60 of these are found exclusively in the Saguenay fjord.

Fresh water fish like the speckled trout or the rainbow smelt can be found here as well as typical salt water species like the cod, Atlantic redfish and even the enigmatic Greenland shark, also known as Laimargue. This amazing diversity is due to the fact that the Saguenay consists of two waterways. Indeed, on the surface briny waters come in from fresh water rivers flowing into the fjord. In the deep, cold and salted waters come in from the Saint Lawrence estuary.

The two bodies of water barely mix, because their temperatures and salinity are different. These two layers of water cause the phenomenon of the biodiversity.

The surface layer fish need a slightly salted habitat. They are more often than not migrating species travelling from fresh to salt waters either to reproduce or to feed. To the fishermen's delight, these species of fish are mostly found in the shallow waters near the shore.

One of the surface layer's typical fish is the rainbow smelt. It loves to travel in schools and it smells like cucumber.

Another one is the brook trout, a spectacular fish, showing off blue, red and white colors. It is very fast; and it has an insatiable appetite. The sea trout is also called the anadromus speckled trout, yessiree.

The black sturgeon is one of the surface layer's most mysterious inhabitants. This fish patriarch lives up to 60 years or more. It can reach a weight of 200 kilograms.

The American eel looks like a snake. All eels reproduce in the Sargasso Sea, the open sea near Cuba. After having laid their eggs, the adults die. The baby eels reach the shore. The Saguenay fjord is one of the safe havens for all of the eels. When winter invades the fjord, hundreds of small colourful ice-fishing cabins with smoking chimneys appear on the ice.

Fishermen fish cod, smelt and redfish, while on the shore of the fjord region, alpine skiers enjoy the snow covered mountain slopes and cross-country skiers tackle the fresh snow covered trails.


Saguenay Fjord waters. When winter rapidly invades the fjord, hundreds of small colourful ice-fishing cabins with smoking chimneys suddenly appear on the ice. This is where you may fish cod, smelt and redfish. In the fjord region, you will see alpine skiers enjoying the snow covered mountain slopes and cross-country skiers tackling the fresh snow covered trails. Photo : © ProvinceQuebec

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