Biodiversity Center

The Biodiversity Center (Centre de la Biodiversité) Interpretation Center and an exhibition dedicated to the biodiversity of the St-Pierre Lake, is a non-profit and a non-funded organization, whose mission is to educate youths and adults and bring awareness to the existence, the conservation of Quebec’s biological species, and the sustainable development of the planet.

From the dry plains to the open water, the center will make you see, smell and touch life through all of its forms.

Guests can see the pool, where reptiles and otters live. Guided tours are offered of the magnificent forest through the observation paths 4 km long with interpretation panels aboard the Biotrain or by foot. The road crosses eight ecosystems. At the local Mini-Farm the young and the adults can admire lovely animals, such as goats, chickens, rabbits. In autumns, the apple orchard is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm.
Documentary about the Saint-Pierre Lake Biosphere Reserve, an environment that presents exceptional flora and fauna of great diversity can be seen during the visit. In the H2O Room aquariums are installed where you can observe small and large fishes of the St. Lawrence River, as well as snapping turtle, the largest soft water turtle in Quebec.

The Exploration Room presents on cervidae and arthropods.


The Center collaborates with the Ministry of Natural Resources and the « Conférence régionale des élus du Centre-du-Québec » to present the exhibit How to repatriate the wildlife in your forest (Comment rapatrier la faune dans votre forêt)

The Biodiversity Center is located at Becancour, on the south side of Trois-Rivieres between Quebec and Montreal.

Biodiversity Center

Photos © Biodiversity Center

By Nadia Fetisova

To contact the Biodiversity Center:

Centre de la Biodiversité du Québec
1800, avenue des Jasmins
Ville de Bécancour (secteur Sainte-Angèle)
Québec G9H 2S2

Phone: 819 222-5665, toll free: 1-866-522-5665

Web Site:

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