ESSARTS is a lovely park of large sizes sculptures located in a wooded are of St-Pie-de-Guire.

It’s managed by ESSARTS organisation whose mission is to help the creation, promotion and diffusion of visuals arts, particularly sculpture and installation, as well as promotion of visual arts, and more particularly environmental sculpture and installation. The ESSART Movement is based on a site, a studio and an artist.

Indeed, ESSARTS is where Pierre Tessier is living and working. The site location in the countryside, in a woodland, is ideal for research, creation and diffusion in visual arts on a more opened view.

All around the house and the site, visitors are invited to explore the area and discover the sculptures placed in the environment.

The Atelier Ricard-Tessier is the creative environment and workshop of the glassworker Suzanne Ricard and the artist Pierre Tessier.

It’s a place for meeting in a surrounding of work on site, where the artists are invited to share their artistic approach; a place for research where the artists are coming to create artworks that are intended to be integrated in the natural environment.

Every year, the ESSARTS Symposium welcomes new artists and invites the population to assist this international event. The site is accessible year round. All the works of art can be purchased for a public or private collection.

To contact the ESSARTS:

260e Rang Saint-Pie-de-Guire



Phone: 1 514 784-2408

To learn more about the ESSARTS:

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