The Bois-Francs

The Bois-Francs Region (Arthabaska County) is located in the heart of Quebec, half way from Montréal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivières and Sherbrooke.

The region is well known for its magnificent scenery in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, and visitors will discover many charming villages with their flower gardens and important dairy farms. Many cheese producers work here. The region is also known as the province cranberry champion.

The Bois-Francs Region owes its name to the hardwood trees such as the maple and oak that cover its territory. The first settlers came here in 1825.

Many famous Canadians were born here, such as a Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier, a botanist Brother Marie-Victorin, painters and sculptors Suzor-Coté, Alfred Laliberté, Philippe Hébert, pioneers in recycling the Lemaire brothers, and numerous leaders in industry.

The city of Victoriaville, its administrative center is known for its many festivals throughout the year and for its outdoor activities such as golf courses, hunting & fishing outfitters, horseback riding, snowmobiling or bicycling.

The region is also famous for its museums, summer theatre, holiday packages with friendly lodging facilities and tourist attractions.

Many lodging facilities offer many vacation packages such as theatre, golf, bike, cranberry, snowmobile, quad or ski.

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