Verger Duhaime

A passion for apples and an enthusiasm for offering healthy fruit products are the inspiration for the Duhaime family who have been living by the rhythm of the seasons in their orchard for many decades. Apples, found here in multiple varieties, are the base for the numerous processed products offered by Verger Duhaime.

Natural products of the highest quality, delightful original recipes, and unique innovation are only a few reasons why Verger Duhaime has increased its production tenfold and allowed it to transform from a local to an international producer, in only first 10 years of its existence. Today, in addition to finding the excellent products from Verger Duhaime in fine boutiques across Quebec and Canada, products are also available in other countries.

From the original apple jelly, Verger Duhaime came to develop flavoursome and exclusive recipes in which fruit is the main ingredient. By tasting spreads and coulis, guests experience the natural features of the fruit, the homeland tradition and fine foods.

The flavours are expressed through the colour of the fruit and in every mouthful, as their true freshness and genuine taste are directly experienced. Verger Duhaime constantly innovates with its recipes made of a skilful blend in which, among others, raspberries, blueberries and cranberries are present, in addition to blackcurrant, vanilla, champagne and cointreau. We can find here the following varieties of apples: Early Geneva, Lodi, Wellington, Melba, Murray, Pommette Dolgo, Rouville, Paulared, Early Cortland, Richelieu, Britegold, Britemac, Lobo, NJ75, McIntosh, Spartan, Cortland, Geneva, Williamette, Liberte, Honeycrisp, Moira, and Guillaume Tell.

Guests can come here for apple-picking, stroll, sampling sessions and more.

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