Argentinean Community

Around the turn of the 20th century, Argentine was one of the most prosperous countries in the world, and for decades, it was accepting hundreds of thousands of immigrants.

But the country went into a long economic and political crisis after a series of military coups and successive civilian regimes which never lasted.

Democratic rule returned to Argentine in 1983, but the economy was a disaster for many more years, thus people left the country by dozens of thousands. About a hundred Argentineans, mostly students and professionals, immigrated to Quebec in the 1960ies.

They were the first immigrants, but the community grew in the 1970ies as political instability and repression increased. Even more people, mostly professionals, came to live in Canada in the 1980ies, when Argentine’s economy was a disaster, with inflation rates reaching 6,000% (six thousand!) a year.

These people had little to start with, they worked at cleaning and service jobs, while taking courses to upgrade their education (very good, though!) to the local standards.

They opened their own restaurants, service companies, schools of tango, but they occupy as well a number of high ranking posts in the most prestigious Canadian companies. Many of Argentineans came from the province of Cordoba, but there were people from Buenos-Aires and from almost every Argentinean province.

After Argentine’s economy has improved, a few hundred of them went back, but dozens or new residents still arrive in Quebec annually. They establish mostly in Montreal, but they live in Quebec City and in other regions.

The community now numbers about 2, 000.

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