Ways to immigrate to Canada

Canada has been a desired destination for prospective immigrants for decades.

There are more than 60 various immigration programs available to choose from and the immigration policies are constantly changing to reflect the growing needs of newcomers and of new work force in various regions of Canada.

All the immigration programs that allow an applicant to receive permanent residence in Canada may be divided into several categories:

  • Federal programs. Those are the ones administered by the federal authorities. Among them is the most popular Federal Skilled Worker category wherein an applicant must score enough points to qualify for permanent residence in Canada. Another program of that sort is the Canadian Experience Class, wherein an applicant may apply for permanent residence on the basis of having studied and worked or only having worked in Canada for a specified period of time. These programs are one-stage program – an application is submitted to just one authority and a permanent resident visa is issued once a positive decision is rendered.
  • Provincial nominee programs. Almost all the provinces and territories in Canada have their own provincial nominee programs and are allowed to nominate for permanent residence foreign nationals who comply with their requirements. Usually, those fortunate are the ones who has either a job or who are studying in the province, or else who have very strong connections to the province such as family ties or close friends in the province. The provincial nominee programs are the two-stage process wherein at first there is a need to apply for and receive a nomination certificate of a province and then a foreign national (a nominee) may apply to the federal authorities for permanent residence visas to Canada as only the federal government is authorised to issue Canadian visas.
  • Quebec skilled worker program. Among all the provincial programs the Quebec provincial program is the most notable one due to the number of quotes and certificates the province is allowed to issue and due to its popularity among prospective applicants as the program is available to those who may score sufficient points.
  • Business immigration. Those are the growing in popularity programs as they allow qualifying applicants with previous business and management experience to apply in this stream and be processed on the basis of their previous business involvement and on a basis of their future business contribution to the Canadian economy.
  • Foreign workers in Canada. Those who are legally working in Canada are considered to be the most desired immigrants as they already have a job in Canada and will highly likely continue to be successfully employed in Canada. Status of a foreign worker usually allows applicants to apply under several immigration programs and to have their permanent residence application fast-tracked and processed very swiftly.
  • International students. The people who are willing to undertake professional or academic studies in Canada may be allowed to apply for permanent residence in Canada on that basis. In addition, international students authorized to work in Canada after graduation may become eligible to apply for permanent residence on the basis of their newly acquired status of a foreign worker.
  • Live-in caregivers. Foreign nationals working in Canada under this program are allowed to apply for permanent residence in Canada after they have completed 2 years of work under the program.

Besides the above mentioned programs, there are other ways and programs to immigrate to Canada such as sponsorship application, requests for permanent residence made on humanitarian and compassionate grounds and more.

You may wish to contact us to receive assistance in finding the immigration program that will suit your particular situation as well as with reference to any other Canadian immigration matters.

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