The Cameleon and the Magic Wand

Once upon a time there was a chameleon. On his birthday he got a wand, but it didn’t come with instructions. He wanted to test it on an apple, so he got an apple, he touched the apple with the magic wand and it turned purple with yellow polka dots on it. He thought it was cool so he wanted to show it to everybody in town. So he turned himself invisible, got the magic wand and in a very short amount of time he touched everybody in town and they turned to colors that were not supposed to be and everybody got angry.

Then the meat mob came along and then the pomegranate police came. They started chasing the chameleon all around until he finally had no more place to go except for the museum. He ran straight through the museum but then he did not watch where he was running so his head crashed right into a dog picture.

He got humiliated and everybody started laughing but he couldn’t figure out why, so he looked in the mirror he got embarrassed because instead of his top hat there appeared his underwear! Because the magic wand touched him, it flipped out of his hand.

Then he turned so many different patterns chest patterns, underwear patterns, zebra patterns and all the type of patterns that he can think of. He was so humiliated!

Then the pomegranate police said “You are lucky for today so were going to let you go.” But the wand people who gave him the wand said “That is not for you that’s for the apple!” Then they took the wand from the chameleon and gave it to the apple then the apple said “Cool! I have a wand!” He started to touch everybody then they turned completely normal, except for the chameleon, he started to cry home.

Story written and read by Masha, 9, The Stories for Kids written by Kids

Chameleon and the Magic Wand, video

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