The Lying Tomato

Once upon a time in Veggieland there was a tomato, a very red one, that loved to lie. Everybody in Veggie town who lied, their cheeks turned bright red. But for the tomato -he’s already red, so nobody can tell if he’s lying. It’s the part that he likes about lying because nobody can tell if he’s lying.

One day a watermelon rolled into town. He was red on the inside and green on the outside. The tomato was very red and he thought that he is the only bright red one and the sneakiest one. So he took one of the watermelon’s black seeds. And then one day the watermelon came to the Tomato’s house and asked him, “Have you seen any of my black seeds?” But since tomatos don’t last forever, he got rotten, grayish and whitish. He did not like it but still he wanted to lie, so he said, “No I haven’t.” But then his cheeks turned red, and it was not a pretty sight.

The watermelon figured out that he was lying, so the Pomegranate Police came to his house and threw him in the recycling. The watermelon found his black seed. Everybody lived happily ever after except for the rotten tomato. The end.

 Story written and read by Masha, 9, source: The Stories for kids written by the kids

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