The Boars of Sally Island

This ecological work was created by Sally Matthews of Wales, United Kingdom.

The Boars of Sally Island is presented out of competition. It’s the first ecological work presented at the exposition of Mosaicultures Internationales. In fact, it is not, strictly speaking, a mosaiculture piece. Rather, it is representative of a new trend, that of so-called ecological works: creations with an often ephemeral quality, made from organic materials and inspired by nature.

The artist’s love of animals is her main inspiration. Her boar photographs have been featured in numerous publications on ecological works.

Though Sally Matthews prepares the metallic exoskeletons of her animals in her workshop, Sally works for the most part in situ, that is, in the forest, where she gathers dead branches and other plant debris with which to bring her sculptures to life. She wants to impart to her animals a certain authenticity; above all, they must not be static works of art.

The Boars of Sally Island was made by this talented artist at the Montréal Botanical Garden, on the island located at the entrance to the willow plot. Sally was inspired to create and to impart life and motion to her five boars using dead plant matter from the site.


The new keepers of Sally Island… Image: ©

boars sally island

The Boars of Sally Island was made by Sally Matthews this talented artist at the Montréal Botanical Garden. Image : © Lucie Dumalo

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