Aging of the Population in Quebec

Compared with every other Canadian province, the United States and the European nations, the population of Québec is relatively young.

However, as is the case in many other industrialized nations, the population of Quebec is aging.

Demographic trends such as the birthrate, mortality and migration suggest that in 2030 or so, Quebec will rank among the oldest populations of the world: Indeed, in 2000, Quebecers 65 years of age or over accounted for roughly 11 % of the population. The proportion is expected to climb to 20 % or more by the year 2030.

Aging is one of the consequences of the shift from a high birthrate and to a low birthrate and the increase in life expectancy.

The process of aging is having undisputed socio-economic consequences, thus such issues as the choice of retirement age, the transition to this stage of life, and the financial situation of retirees are receiving growing attention in Quebec.

From a socio-demographic perspective, the most striking phenomenon is the substantial increase in the number of elderly people 80 or over and the predominance of women among the elderly.

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