History of Urgel Bourgie

Henri Bourgie established the funeral firm Bourgie H. & Co and opens his first funeral home in the late 19th century. Some year later, along with his brothers and family, Henri Bourgie changes the name of the company to Urgel Bourgie.

An expansion of the company follows. It offers embalming and other funeral services, starting a casket and hearse manufacturing facility. It also opens multiple funeral homes in Montreal.

From the mid to late 1900's, Urgel Bourgie continues to enjoy remarkable growth through expansion and acquisitions of other companies such as Parc Commemoratif de Montreal, Jardins Laurentides of St-Hubert, Parc du Souvenir of Laval, and Maisons Funeraires Feron's within the Montreal area. In the Quebec City area, the company purchases J. Bouchard et Fils, Lepine Cloutier, Jardins Quebec, and Falardeau, Bedard, Roy in the Quebec City area.

Today, after a brief ownership by Stewart Enterprises, Urgel Bourgie is a property of a wholly owned Canadian company called Celebris Memorial Services Inc. The company continues with expansion plans and is recognized as a market leader in funeral business. Urgel Bourgie combined companies employ over 500 people and serve 10,000 families per year by providing a full range of funeral, crematory and cemetery products and services, all of which are offered on both a pre-need and as-needed basis.

Urgel Bourgie has the following cemeteries in Montreal area:

  • Les Jardins Urgel Bourgie de Montreal. This cemetery is located close to Autoroute 40. It offers a magnitude of services, including an on-site 4 floor complex, offers services like mausoleums, columbarium’s, crematorium as well as two chapels, two reception halls, and five visitation rooms.
  • Complex St-Franсois d'Assise. The cemetery is situated in the east end on Montreal, on the St Francis of Assises cemetery. This funeral complex has 8 visitation rooms, a chapel, three reception halls, a children's play area and a private family room.
  • Jardins Urgel Bourgie Laval. The cemetery offers a variety of complete services. The Urgel Bourgie Laval complex is located just 20 minutes from Montreal and is easily accessible by Autoroute 19l. The complex includes a reception hall, a chapel, visitation rooms, columbarium, and mausoleums.
  • Beaumont Funeral Complex. This is the first funeral complex to be built in Town of Mount Royal, next the Urgel Bourgie Head Office. The complex is located close to the L'Acadie metro and commuter train station. The Beaumont Funeral Complex offers three visitation rooms, a private family room, a chapel, reception halls, and children’s play area.

death and birds

There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before. Robert Lynd (1879 - 1949). Photo : © Provincequebec.com

To contact Urgel Bourgie company:

1255, avenue Beaumont

Ville Mont-Royal

H3P 3J1

Urgel Bourgie

160 Boul.Graham

Phone: 514 735-2025

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