Immigration to Quebec

The province of Quebec has a program in place that allows Quebec to select the potential immigrants who meet certain conditions of the program. There are several sub-programs under which one may come to Quebec to settle in the province:

Quebec skilled worker program (Skilled Workers Program)

The program is designed for people who have the potential to become economically established in Quebec.

Those are the ones who have skills in demand in Quebec, possess French and English language skills, have some educational background, some connections in the province such as relatives or friends and overall have a good level of adaptability having learned about the province through any means available to them (mass media, Internet);

Quebec business immigration

This is a good opportunity for those who consider establishing business ventures in Quebec or is willing to invest into the province economy. In comparison with other provinces’ business programs the Quebec business immigration programs are more advantageous in terms of meeting the programs requirements for the owners and managers of small businesses.

Québec experience class

This is an accelerated selection program for skilled workers that is designed to facilitate the application process for those who are:

The program’s goal is to fast-track processing of permanent residence applications for Quebec selection certificates of those workers and graduates who apply for it and meet certain requirements.

Humanitarian immigration (see also : Humanitarian immigration)

This program accommodates the needs of those who are in distressful situations and wish to obtain permanent residence in Quebec despite the fact that they may not entirely fit into the framework of any other Quebec immigration program.

If you would like to receive assistance in applying under conditions of any of the available Quebec programs, you may wish to contact us.

newcomers to quebec

A newcomer to Quebec! :) (Well, actually, it's a St.Jean Parade). Photo : © S.Keln

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