Notarial Law

The political rule of a country depends on many factors. For example, in the United States, the system of checks and balances ensures that the three distinct branches of government (judicial, executive and legislative) hold each other accountable.

Correspondingly, political science is a significant and systematic body of knowledge aimed at studying such and related issues, and predates Antiquity.

Further, in Common Law states, laws differ from the Napoleonic Code or other ruling arrangements. Nonetheless, most politics and philosophy thinkers agree on the role, even if they oppose it such as Karl Marx, which the institution of private property played in civilization, and particularly democracy. Interestingly, democracy comes from the Ancient classification of governments by Aristotle, and the term has since changed connotation from a pejorative to a positive one.

In Quebec, a French speaking Canadian province, notaries are indispensable in acquiring commercial or residential properties. Several resources exist for both potential buyers and sellers, including Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Websites, real estate brokerage companies such as Re/Max, Sotheby’s Realty, Royal LePage, Londono Group, McGill Immobilier, Immeuble International and countless others. In order to practice, real estate agents or realtors must first obtain their license, after successfully completing a required number of courses.

The associated professional association and regulatory body is the OACIQ (Ordre d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec). Although some mostly housing market agents and boards offer commercial properties as well, QuebecCommerce specializes in the business acquirement niche. Properties are also sometimes sold directly without intermediaries, such as through ProprioDirect. Aside from agents, notaries and the parties most concerned, a residential acquisition usually likewise involves a qualified inspector before effectuating the purchase.

Furthermore, local notaries hold the same title as lawyers (also referred to as attorneys at law, barristers and solicitors) or Maître, and continue their studies to pursue a graduate Diploma of Notarial Law (D.D.N.), in addition to their Bachelor of Laws degree (LL. B.). An internship is also required. Both lawyers and notaries are well-respected, prestigious professions.

So again in, that part of Canada, a notary is required to certify and legitimize all acquisitions of commercial and residential properties and other transactions. Notaries also perform alternate duties, such as last wills and inaptitude mandates, in addition to such legally binding contracts as a Deed of Correction. Unlike the Deed of Sale, Deed of Transfer and Deed of Hypothec, a Deed of Correction aims at officially correcting a mistake in a previously signed contract. Such documents may be as short as one page and as lengthy as the most detailed contract.

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