Geographical Centre of Canada

 Let's talk first about extremities of the Canadian Landmass: Most northerly point of Canada is located at Cape Aldrich, Nunavut, at 83 degrees 7 minutes North, 69 degrees 40 minutes West.

Most southerly point of Canada: Middle Island, Ontario; 41 degrees 41 minutes North, 82 degrees 40 minutes West.

Most easterly point: Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador: 47 degrees 31 minutes North, 52 degrees 37 minutes West.

Most westerly point: A portion of the Yukon (Canada) and Alaska (US boundary which runs along the 141st meridian.

The point at the southern end of this long line would be the furthest west, at: 60 degrees 8 minutes North, 141 degrees 0 minutes West.

Now, we can measure the centre of Canada (actually, it can be measured in many ways) Well, the most easy and commun way would be by taking the mid-point of the extremities of the Canadian landmass section.

Thus the resulting sitevwill be found just south of Yathkyed Lake in Nunavut, west of Hudson Bay, located at 62 degrees 24 minutes North, 96 degrees 28 minutes West.

north River

North River in Quebec. Photo : N. Fetissova

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