Why people immigrate to Canada?

To sort out problems. Canadians like everyone else have their own problems and it would be naive to think otherwise. However Canada is distinguished from other countries in that in Canada one can solve problems as they arise and those difficulties are usually not systemic, nor they are brought forth by government or society in general.

To give one’s children the best start in life. Regardless of the age – from birth to adolescence – the best interests of children are always considered. This approach is evident in everything – from designated play areas in government and public establishments, abundance of  clean and well looked after playgrounds to the availability of various children services, camps and programs often free of charge, government-assisted loans for education, efficient advocacy of the interests of the children.

Safety concerns. Canada has long gained reputation of one of the safest countries in the world and the country’s major cities have long been among the first ten safest cities. It is mostly preconditioned by the high level of prosperity and of well-being and by the effective system of law enforcement.

Starting own business. Canada is very good place to start afresh a new business initiative starting from small businesses to big corporations. Various tax benefits, financial and other help to new businesses, simplicity of the accounting and recordkeeping, loan and grant opportunities, healthy competition – all these factors contribute to the good economic climate for starting a business.

Changing career. Immigration to Canada is not only a very good opportunity to start a new chapter in one’s life, but also a good ground to reconsider one’s occupation. For those who are willing to undertake this challenge there are various government – assisted programs to go back to school and get retrained, to find a job in a completely new field. Due to these factors changing career is nor rare among newcomers.

Health concerns. Healthy life style is a major consideration among Canadians. Various types of climate – from subtropical to arctic, clean ecology, accessible and affordable sports, free healthcare, technologically advanced medical establishments – all these factors greatly contribute to the healthy lifestyle and to increasing longevity.

Planning the future. The country has robust currency, the bank system is regulated by the government, inflation is minimal – all these factors allow Canadians plan the future for themselves and their children.

Social assistance system. The less fortunate are helped by government in many different ways. There are subsidized housing, employment insurance system, the whole net of government- assisted employment agencies and other means to resolve temporary difficulties that may arise.

Feeling of being at home. In contrast to the majority of other countries, newcomers in Canada are truly welcomed and do not feel estranged, the attitude towards new immigrants is benevolent.

Access to decent leisure and recreation. Annual trips to the island of the Caribbean, to the Latin and South America have long become regular for the majority of Canadians. In addition, beautiful nature, vast territories, mountains and prairies, thousands of lakes, fishing and hunting are widely accessible for all Canadians.

Traveling all over the world. Immigration to Canada is a straight way to receive Canadian citizenship. Canadian passport allows its bearer to travel visa-free to many developed countries and to opens up new horizons and opportunities.

landed immigrants

Landed immigrants ;) (St.Jean Parade - national holyday in Québec). Photo : © S.Keln

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