The St Gertrude Church

By 1807, the first settlers arrive in the territory of the future St. Gertrude parish, in the Center-of-Quebec Region, following development of the Becancour parish of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. About forty years later, the establishment of the new parish is signed on July 1st 1845 by Bishop Joseph Sinay, archbishop of Québec.

On March 4, 1848, General Vicar Thomas Cooke puts up a cross marking the place where the church will be built.

In the summer of 1848, parishioners build a presbytery and a temporary chapel. The construction of the present Romanesque stone church begins on June 10, 1848. The work was led by contractor Damase St-Arnaud. The new church was finally blessed on March 3, 1853.

Reverend Edouard Chabot was appointed as parish priest on October 7, 1849. In 1854, Rev. Paul de Villers takes charge of the parish. He will serve during 29 years. Under his leadership, the church exterior is completed and the interior is lavishly decorated.

The first presbytery was built in 1849, but the new one was built in 1896 by contractor Sinai Massé at the cost of 5,200$.
In 1910-1911, the church façade was enlarged in order to meet the requirements for the installation of a three-bell carillon. Enlargement plans are entrusted to architect Louis Caron, of Nicolet.  Bishop Hermann Brunault, of Nicolet, blessed the enlarged church on October 11, 1911.

In 1972, major restoration works were carried out inside the St. Gertrude church at the cost of 29,000$.

st gertrude Church

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