Tibetan Buddhist Temple

The Tibetan Buddhist temple Gaden Chang Chub Chöling was founded in 1980 in Montreal, by Venerable Geshe Khenrab Gajam Rinpoche. It was officially inaugurated in May 1986.

Venerable Geshe Khenrab Rinpoche's deepest wish was to found a place where the Mahayana Buddhist tradition, instituted by Dje Tsongkhapa, could flourish.

To this end, Venerable Geshe Tsultrim Tenzin Rinpoche and two of his disciples, Venerable Zawa Tulku Rinpoche and Venerable Lobsang Tashi came to Montreal to establish a permanent monastic Sangha presence at Gaden Chang Chub Chöling. They expanded the monastic congregation during the coming years. Adopts now have the opportunity to study and practice the Dharma in the temple on a daily basis.

Address of the Tibetan Buddhist Temple: 1870, De l'Eglise Avenue Montréal

H4E 1G8 

Phone: 514-765-3515 or 514-219-4506

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