St. Sophia Cathedral

The Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, St-Sophia, was built in 1960 and named for both St-Sophia in Kiev and the 6th century mother church in Istanbul, Turkey.

The architect is Vladimir Sichynsky, the interior of the cathedral was painted by Boris Makarenko et Fils Company, in 1988-1990. The Cathedral has the distinctive Byzantine architecture of the onion dome and ornate, gilded interior.

The acoustics are wonderful, and if guests happen to enter as the choir is singing, there is an almost ethereal quality to the sound which seems to emanate from everywhere.

St Sophia Cathedral

Photo: © Fondation du patrimoine religieux du Québec

Address of the St Sophie Orthodox Cathedral:

6255, 12e avenue Montreal

H1X 3A5

Telephone: 514-727-2236

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