Chalmers-Wesley United Church

Chalmers-Wesley United Church originated with the Reformed (Protestant) Сhurch members who came to Quebec as soldiers with the British Army in 1759.

The first religious services for these soldiers were provided by military chaplains and lay preachers, who used the Jesuit Barracks as a place of worship (the former Jesuits’ College, located where Quebec City Hall is today). Both Chalmers Free Presbyterian Church and the Quebec Methodist (Wesleyan) Church experienced steady growth in the second half of the 19th century.

Congregationalist, Methodist and Presbyterian churches throughout the country merged in 1925 to form The United Church of Canada.

In Quebec City, Chalmers Free Presbyterian and the Quebec Methodist (Wesleyan) Church independently joined the new body. In 1931, Chalmers United Church and Wesley United Church decided to join together in the Ste. Ursule Street building, and then renamed Chalmers-Wesley United Church.

The church, built in 1853, was designed by the architect John Wells. The building is a fine example of Neo-Gothic architecture. Its soaring steeple is the tallest within the walls of historic Old Quebec City reaching 164 feet above the sidewalk at its peak.

Chalmers-Wesley United Church

The richness of its woodwork and burgundy carpeting give the church its warm atmosphere. The sloping floor and comfortable curved pews facing the organ console are unique in Quebec City.

All but one of the eight stained-glass windows were designed by Wallace J. Fischer. They were built at the Bernard Leonard workshop in Old Quebec.

Address of the Chalmers - Wesley United Church: 78 rue Sainte-Ursule, Québec

G1R 4E8

Church office: 418 692-2640

Web Site of the Chalmers-Wesley Church:

Photo: © Fondation du patrimoine religieux du Québec

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