Pare Workshop (Atelier Paré)

Visiting through the interior of Paré Workshop, located in St-Anne-de-Beaupre, near Quebec City, you will have a chance to admire its large selection of handmade wood sculptures created by the artists and friends of the workshop.

Visitors can watch the artists as they work and as they create wood sculptures before visitors’ eyes.

A collection of books and magazines focuses on wood sculpture and the legends of Quebec and is available.

Francoise Lavoie and Scott Kingsland, two "strangers"; as some people refer to them as, have given their heart and soul to the community of St-Anne-de-Beaupre, so much so that today they are recognized wherever they go.

The garden hidden behind the iron gates of Atelier Paré is filled with sculptures and murals representing a variety of stories and legends from the Cote-de-Beaupre Region. You can wander there at lease and admire the creation and the imagination of the artists. Visitors are encouraged to borrow a walking guide to help them fully enjoy the visit.

Tourists discover stories about canoes that fly, men that fall from the sky, mystical creatures that control the night, rats that can dance, and many more surprises. These pieces are finished in fiberglass to allow them to be on display during all four seasons.

Address of Atelier Paré:

9269, avenue Royale

Phone: 418 827-3992

Web site:

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