Timeline : Quebec City 1900-1925

1902 Quebec Symphony Orchestra founded.

1903 Head tax on Chinese immigrants coming to Canada rose to 500$, real fortune in the beginning of the 20th century. Most laundries in Quebec are operated by the Chinese immigrants.

1906 Maurice Pollack, a Jewish immigrant from Russia, opens important clothing on St. Joseph Street in Quebec City.

1907 Quebec Bridge collapses killing dozens of workers.

1907 In Quebec, children under 14 are no longer allowed to work.

1908 Quebec third centenary celebrated through the province.

1909 Ancient Order of Hibernians raises Celtic Cross at Grosse Ile.

1912 Quebec Bulldogs win the hockey world championship.

1913 Ortenberg-Plamondon anti-Semitic libel case trial in Quebec City.

1914 Empress of Ireland sinks in the St. Lawrence golf, drowning more than 1,000 people.

1914 World War I breaks out. Munitions factories, shipbuilding, military bases are open in Quebec City. A French shipbuilding base is also open, as well as a Yugoslavian Mobilisation Camp. Three of the six Canadian generals commanding the Canadian expeditionary force, are from Quebec City. Their names : Sir Richard Turner, Sir Henry Burstall, Sir David Watson.

1916 Quebec Bridge collapses once again, killing about a dozen people.

1916 YWCA opens Douglas Hall gym and swimming pool.

1917 British suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst speaks at Morin College.

1918 Conscription riots in Quebec City. Army opens fire, four people are killed and dozens wounded. Martial law is proclaimed.

1918 The First World War (the Great War) ends, but the Spanish flu kills more people than the war did.

1921 The province of Quebec nationalises the sell of alcohol.

1923 Chinese immigrants are excluded from immigrating to Canada.

1925 More than 3,000 shoe workers go on strike against a 30% pay reduction.

quebec city frontenac

Quebec City, Château Frontenac. Photo : © ProvinceQuebec

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