Kabir Kouba Falls

Nestled in the heart of Loretteville, the Kabir Kouba Falls is a majestic 28 metres high waterfall that rests in an impressive canyon where the cliff can reach a height of up to 42 metres.

The waterfalls are called Kabir Kouba, an Algonquin name that means «river of a thousand bends and curves». The Kabir Kouba waterfall dates to the post-glacier era and flows directly on the Canadian Shield.

Three old mills and a hydroelectric power plant are the witnesses of 200 years of industrial and cultural developments of the site, and you can discover during your visit geology, fossils, potholes, insects, fauna and flora are some other natural themes.

Besides, the turbulent waters of the Kabir Kouba falls have always been a real source of power allowing for the establishment of various industries. They provide the perfect place to build water mills serving various functions. In the past centuries these mills were essential for many kinds of agriculture productions.

In 1731, The Jesuits built the first mill on the east side of the waterfall, the flour mill. The same waterfall gave rise to two other mills, a saw mill and a paper mill. Unfortunately devastating fires destroyed these structures.

kabir kouba falls

Kabir Kouba falls. Photo : © YaniQc

Birds abound during all seasons of the year. Their presence will plunge you into a deep experience of sounds of every kind and allow you forget about urban life.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the engineer Cyrille Renaud decided to make a small hydroelectric power plant here. Even today we can still see the big derivation conduct that was used to bring used water back to the Saint-Charles river.

The astounding flora of the park will delight everyone. Indeed, every time you venture through the park, you can discover new specimens. All summer long, an array of wild and beautiful flowers emerge to please your eyes.

Official Web site of the Kabir Kouba Falls: www.chutekabirkouba.com

kabir kouba park

Kabir Kouba Park. Photo : © YaniQc

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