Cartier-Brebeuf National Historic Site of Canada

Cartier-Brrebeuf Site is located in Quebec’s Lower Town, ten minutes walk from Old Quebec. Jacques Cartier made his second Atlantic crossing to Canada, in 1535-1536.

Under very harsh conditions, he and his crew wintered on the banks of St. Charles River, on this site. A century later, in 1625, the Jesuits settled on the same location. Today, guests can revive the history of the voyages of the famous French navigator and mingle with the first missionaries who came to evangelize the Aboriginals.

A magnificent replica of a 16th-century merchant ship is located there, as well as an Iroquoian long-house. The Cartier-Brebeuf park is also home to many wild ducks which like its pounds.

A lovely garden is cultivated according to Aboriginal techniques. A bicycle path leads to the port of Quebec and to the Montmorency Falls.

Address of Cartier-Brebeuf Site:

175, De l’Espinay Street

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