Spencer Grange

Spencer Grange is located in Sillery, Quebec City. Many estate in this neighborhood owe their existence to the success of timber trade and other commercial undertakings with generated great wealth in the first half of the 19th century. The estate was built in 1849 by Henry Atkinson as part of the bigger domain Spencer Wood.

When Spencer Wood Domain became the gubernatorial reisdence, its owner reserved the smaller half, Spencer Grange of about 40 acres, divided off by a high brick wall and fence. This small rustic bower facing the St. Lawrence overgangs the cliff, vry close to where the Belle Borne rill tumbles down the bank to Spencer Cove. The Endgish landscape style was adopted in the laying out of the flower garden and grounds.

The whole place was girt round by a zone of tall pine, beach, maple and red oaks. Many Quebec City families prided themselves in owning mansions such as this. Later, in 1950ies, the house became a senior' residence La Villa St. Joseph.

Address of Spencer Grange:

1328 Sillery Quebec City.

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