Ice Hotel Quebec

The Ice Hotel moved to Quebec City

Ice Hotel Quebec is located only a few minutes from Quebec City, at the Duchesnay Tourist Station (Station touristique Duchesnay), an extraordinary place where guest can do plenty of outdoor activities both in summer and winter. The Ice Hotel is built each winter on the grounds of Duchesnay resort. The Ice Hotel includes guest rooms, bars, art galleries, wedding chapel and more amenities. All buildings are made almost entirely of ice, and they are dazzling.

Travelers can live memorable experiences by visiting the Ice Hotel, or rent a room in it. Indeed, spending a night in a room at 25 degrees Fahrenheit is a real adventure.

Given that a guest can tour the Ice Hotel by day for just a portion of the amount he pays for staying an overnight there, you may think twice. Anyway you can stay just one night and book a backup room at a regular hotel near by. In this case you can always retreat if you just can’t bear the cold. Every room is different. Some suites have fireplaces. One suite has a hot tub, too. Guests sleep on the beds consisting of a block of ice covered with a thick foam mattress and a fleece sheet.

The hotel also provides a sleeping bag, and guest just unfurls it just before turning in. Don't worry, you'll be shown how to use a sleeping bag. The bathrooms are set in the courtyards of the Ice Hotel. They are prefab buildings. One courtyard, accessible only to overnight guests, includes a sauna and hot tubs There are tow bars in the hotel. They have vaulted ceilings, and drinks are served in glasses made of ice.

The Ice Hotel Quebec is about 30 minutes west of Quebec City, and three hours northeast of Montreal. The resort also offers snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, skating, ice-fishing and dog sledding. The Ice Hotel Quebec will usually open for the season in January close when the building melts. In fact, the last two weeks of March are very unpredictable.

Address of the Ice Hotel Quebec:

143 Route Duchesnay Pavillon Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier

Phone : 877 505-0423

Web Site :

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