Timeline: Quebec City 1925 - 1990

1927 More than 850,000 tourists visit Quebec City

1928 Commission d'Urbanisme changes English street names in Quebec City to French

1928 Anglo-Canadian Pulp and Paper Mill opens in Limoulou (Hedleyville)

1930 William Wood and Literary and Historical Society suggest the preservation of all buildings within the walled city

1936 Maurice Duplessis government of Quebec institutes the Padlock Law. In Quebec City, police padlock buildings of communist sympathizers

1943 Quebec Conference: Churchill, Roosevelt and Mackenzie King meet in Quebec City

1943 Public schooling in Quebec is compulsory to age 14

1944 Canada adopts conscription. Quebec City MP Chubby Power resigns from the government in protest. 1944 Quebec's women vote in provincial election for the first time

1946 Citizens of Canada are declared officially Canadians instead of British subjects

1947 Ban on Chinese immigration lifted

1951 New Jeffrey Hale Hospital built

1957 CKMI, Quebec City’s English TV station goes on air

1958 St. Lawrence College opens

1964 Queen Elizabeth II visits Quebec City. The visit is remembered as Nightstick Saturday because of police brutality towards protestors

1965 First Jewish commissioner, Isidore C. Pollack, elected to Protestant School Board

1967 French president, Charles de Gaulle visits Quebec City. He proceeds upriver to Montreal, where he delivers his speech Vive le Quebec libre

1968 Quebec Legislative Assembly is renamed National Assembly

1968 Gendron Commission on language. Commissioners booed and attacked by students at CEGEP of Sainte Foy

1969 1,239 buildings demolished, including the old Irish District, for Parliamentary Complex 1969 Bill 63 approved. More than 30, 000 protest in front of Parliament against language choice in education

1970 October Crisis in Quebec

1975 CRTC shuts down CFOM, Quebec City's bilingual pop radio station

1976 Citadel Foundation is founded with funds of High school of Quebec and other defunct Anglophone institutions

1977 First English-language rights group forms in Quebec City, predecessor of Voice of English Quebec (VEQ), founded in 1981

1979 CBC radio opens station in Quebec City

1979 Quebec Chronicle Telegraph saved from ignominious demise

1980 In Quebec City 48% vote for sovereignty in referendum. 59% of Quebecers say No in the province of Quebec

1982 Canadian Constitution is approved without Quebec's signature

1989 Ladies' Protestant Home closes

1990 Holland Centre opens, offering English language social and health services

quartier place royale

Place Royale Borrough. Photo : © ProvinceQuebec.com

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