Allsopp Manor

Allsopp Manor, dating from the mid-18th century is a designated historic site of Quebec. This manor attests to the economic enterprise of George Allsopp, owner of the lands in the region at the end of the 18th century. Mr. Allsopp was the most important producer of flour in Lower Canada (Quebec) in the 1780ies.

He came to Quebec from England after the Conquest, in 1761. He was involved in government as General Commissioner of the Army and Defence. His acquisition of the lands of Cartier and d’Auteuil in 1773 signalled a very important change in the economy of Canada, ancient New France. He built a sawmill and a flour mill on the Jacques Cartier River and employed nearly two hundred men.

His employees constructed plants, cut forest and sawed commercial lumber. The boards were sent to Quebec City and to Europe.

Allsopp was a famous leader of the English merchants in Quebec. He became member of the Legislative Council and a judge of the Court of Appeal.

But he was dismissed by Governor Haldimand in 1783, thus ending his political carrier, and he built his Manor in Cap-Sante, on the shores of the Jacques-Cartier River near Quebec City, 15 Notre-Dame Street, Cap Sante.

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