Belt road around Mount Royal

The belt road around Mount Royal forms a continuous 10 km pathway along which pedestrians and cyclists can explore some of the remarkable heritage site located on the mountain or near.

Besides creating new entry points to Mount Royal Park for residents in adjoining boroughs, the belt road allows tourists and residents of Montreal alike to discover scenic areas they may not be aware of, including some spectacular vistas, and the mountain’s unique natural and historic heritage.

The route crosses the western part of Mount Royal Park, passing behind the Cote-des-Neiges funeral complex and through parts of Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery, including the Saint-Jean-Baptist woods.

It crosses Université de Montréal land and follows over the upper Outremont woods before closing the loop and rejoining Olmstead Road near the Camillien Houde Road on the eastern side of the Mount Royal Park. The stone dust path, which averages four to five metres in width, has a number of rest stops along the way.

The road’s path is designed to protect sensitive nature areas and highlight adjacent heritage features.

The new belt road was one of the proposals in the Mount Royal Master Protection and Enhancement Plan.

The necessary rights of were negotiated with the various institutions concerned.

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