(Wartime Village)

Canada’s war effort between 1939 and 1945, as well as the presence of the Noorduyn and Vickers (later Canadair) plants in Saint-Laurent, were behind the construction of the Wartime neighbourhood.

Located essentially to the north of Rue Poirier, the area was first settled by workers at Canadair and, later, by Second World War veterans.

The neighbourhood’s small houses, almost all identical, were quite innovative for the time. This sector continues to be characterized by its maze of crescent-shaped streets.

Demarcated by Boulevard Henri-Bourassa, Chemin Laval (Laval Road), Poirier Street and Patricia Street, the Norvick sector, which encompasses more than 400 single-family homes, was developed in 1942, during the Second World War to house workers employed in plants producing military equipment.

In Saint-Laurent neighbourhood, workers from the Noorduyn and Vickers (Canadair) military aviation plants lived in the neighbourhood’s modest homes.

rue de londres

De Londres. Image by ©

rue de londres

De Londres street. Image by ©

rue de patricia

De Londres street et Patricia street. Image by ©

oxford and de londres streets

De Londres and Oxford streets corner. Image by ©

rue oxford

Oxford Street. Image by ©

poirier street

Poirier Cercle Street. Image by ©

poirier street

Poirier Street. Image by ©

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