Jean-Talon Market

The Jean-Talon Market is the best and most diverse farmers’ market in Montreal. It used to be called the Marche-du-nord. The narrow street running alongside the market stores is still named Place du Marche-du-Nord.

Earlier, the Shamrock Athletic Field was located there which served the area’s residents, the Irish who arrived in Quebec in the 19th century. The Shamrock Street honours that institution.

The market is divided into two parts. On the periphery are fruit stores, fish stores, butcher shops, cheese shops, bakeries, restaurants and other shops. The center of the Jean-Talon market is for produce seller, but theses premises house small cafes, a bookstore and a few shops as well.

In summer, most of the fruit and vegetables are from farm near Montreal. There are sellers of local honey, maple syrup, double-yolked eggs, fresh herbs and cut flowers. The market is open througought the year although specialized stands may not be open during the winter months. The market is wheelchair accessible.

The Jean-Talon Market is located two blocks from Jean-Talon Metro (subway) station.

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