Governor’s House – Maison du Gouverneur

The Governor’s House (Maison du Gouverneur) was built in Montreal in 1895.

In fact, the estate has nothing to do with Montreal’s, Quebec or Canada’s Governor. Its name honours Charles-Amedee-Vallee, the last governor of the Pied-du-Courant Prison. The governor's residence was occupied by the Vallee family until 1912, when the prison was decommissioned after the construction of the new Bordeaux Jail at Montreal-Nord.

The Pied-du-Courant Prison has housed the head office of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) since 1921. Well, it was called Liquor Control Board of Quebec (Commission des liqueurs du Quebec) at that time and it changed its name much later. In 1989, after the house had been classified as historic monument, the SAQ began major renovations. The estate was opened to the public in 1992.

Today, the hauntingly beautiful heritage building has been restored to its full splendour. It basks in an uncommon light that filters through the towering structure of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge or shimmers across the surface of the slow-flowing river nearby. The Maison du Gouverneur offers exceptional service and six magnificent rooms for activities such as wine-and-cheese tasting, gourmet meals and business meetings.

The SAQ's wine storage cellar houses an unprecedented collection of more than 75,000 bottles. The storage cellar is truly fascinating. You can almost sense the mysterious alchemy of vintage wines as they slowly mature to their heady fullness. The corridor of vintage wines spanning three centuries of wine history in Quebec dazzles visitors.

Guests are charmed by a large reception hall with its vast skylight and access through an air lock to the magnificent storage cellar, which has ideal conditions for vintage wines, lined up like gold ingots, awaiting the day when someone with a good taste for wine, will have the indescribable pleasure of tasting them.

The Galerie du Gouverneur at the foot of the Maison du Gouverneur is an underground mirror image of the Maison, featuring a contrasting world of light and shadows. Note than at the Maison du Gouverneur you can choose from a selection of wines to suit your menu and budget. Wine is sold at SAQ store prices.

Address of the Governor’s House:

La maison du Gouverneur

901, De Lorimier Galerie du Gouverneur 903,

De Lorimier Montreal

H2K 3V9

Phone: 514 523-0440

Web Site:

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