Old Custom House

The Old Custom building, designed by architect John Ostell, dates back to 1836–1837 and originally housed Montreal’s first Custom House. This neoclassical building was the first major project by John Ostell, and one of the first architectural signs of the British presence in Montréal.

The estate was expanded in 1981 and today is home to the Pointe-a-Calliere Museum gift shop (on the ground floor) and the permanent exhibition Montreal Love Stories – Cultural Connection (upstairs).

There are traces of the British Regime in the basement, including those of the buildings erected by cooper Andre Papineau, in 1796 and a warehouse built by Pierre Berthelet, in 1816. Foundations of the Royal Insurance Company building, which dates back to 1861, are also visible (the building was demolished in 1951.

The vacant land was then used for a parking lot, and later a park).

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