Fort Remy Site

Fort Remy, located at Lachine, was a site of capital importance in the times of fur trade.

It was known as the fort of Lachine, but it was renamed honour of Father Remy, priest of the parish of Saints-Anges of Lachine. The fort was built between 1672 and 1673. The first building comprised a ground floor, two stages, a forging mill and a bakery. A well was situated in the courtyard. His first owner, Jean Milot, selle the estate in 1673 to the Seminary of Montreal. Today, the park of Saints-Anges, on the LaSalle Boulevard, occupies the place.

Later, in the 19the century, British military build warehouses, barracks and a few other building in order to protect the area against eventual American attacks. The site was abandoned in 1825, and the remaining buildings were used as a farm till 1873, when the construction of the aqueduct of Montreal led to the total destruction of the last vestiges if the Fort Remy.

Today, this is one of the archaeological sites, located on the Island of Montreal, which are the best potential places for interesting discoveries.

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