Montreal Subway

A museum to discover

Inaugurated in 1966, the Montreal Metro is distinguished by the diversified architecture of its stations and by an impressive public collection of works of art.

Themetro network includes nearly one hundred representational and abstract works in glass, ceramic and concrete, on the platforms and outside the stations. This architectural and artistic heritage is not well-known. You can come and discover it for yourself.

For more information on the subway’s art collection visit the Internet Site

Here are a few examples of Montreal Metro art collection:

charlevoix station

Charlevoix Station. Mario Merola et Pierre Osterrath glass wall. Photo: ©

jean mercier art

Acadie Station. Murales by Jean Mercier. Photo: ©

de castelneau

De Castelneau Station. Murales by Jean-Charles Charuest. Photo: ©

fabre station

Fabre subway station. Walls by Jean-Noël Poliquin. Photo: ©


 Du College Station. 1490, Du College Street. Stained-glass mural, by Lyse Charland Favretti, depicts the the nearby colleges surrounded by symbols of learning and culture. Photo: ©

pierre osterrath

The five stained-glass windows at the Du Collège station (Cartier south entrance and Du Collège north entrance) depict the history of Saint-Laurent. Photo: ©


Home Urbanus d’Éric Lamontagne (2005). For public-transit users, the Côte-Vertu station is one of the terminal points on the métro’s orange line. The station is also a space for art, shared by two very different artworks: Yves Trudeau’s Relief, négatif positif (1986), a monumental work located in the station’s transept. Photo: ©

homo urbanus

… and Éric Lamontagne’s Homo Urbanus (2005), a small-scale work that almost disappears amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life. Photo: ©


Du College Station, a textured brick mural by Aurelio Sandonato, illuminated by a skylight. Photo: ©

la salle station

La Salle Station, murale de Peter Gnass. Photo: ©

joliette subway

Joliette Station. Murale by Marcel Rabyen. Photo: ©

radisson subway station

Radisson Subway Station.The space looks down onto the platforms from the bridge and the escalators; the shapes of the barrier and ceiling join to create a rounded window onto the platforms. The red benches along the platforms add some colour, while their forms complement the beauty of the architecture. Photo: ©

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