Parc Extension Walking Tour

Parc Extension is often the first home for newcomers to Montreal. This polyglot neighbourhood lies above Jean Talon Boulevard. Parc Avenue links the borough with Montreal’s downtown.

Tens of thousands of immigrants live here. During the sixties, many Greek immigrants moved here and made this an overwhelming Hellenic community. Nevertheless, today Parc Extension still has a Greek character, but it is increasingly home for many new Montrealers from Haiti, Sri Lanka, Latin America and so on.

Parc Extension is separated from the city of Montreal on three sides.

To the north is the Metropolitain Expressway or Highway 40, to the east the railway, and to the west, along boulevard Acadie, a 2-km-long fence cuts the borough of Parc Extension from the luxurious homes and gardens of the town of Mount Royal (entries exist and you are can enter it, though).

Durocher Street is one of the older streets in the area with housing ranging from turn of the century single family homes to small apartment buildings.

The St-Roch Street was a commercial street throught many years. There were butchers displaying whole undressed lambs and goats, fish markets, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, dentist offices there, many of them with Greek signs and staff.

A historical building of Parc Metro (subway) Station is located in the neighbourhood, as well as a few other architectural tresors.

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