Insectarium of Montreal

Located within the premises of the Botanical Garden, the Insectarium of Montreal is the leading museum in North America devoted to insects.

The museum houses a collection of more than 160 thousand specimens coming from six geographic zones: jewel-like beetles, giant walking sticks, a bumblebee hive, a honeybee hive, velvety spiders, picturesque butterflies with multicolored wings, a fascinating ant farm, busy termites, and many other tiny creatures.

More than 1500 butterflies and moths live here, flitting freely about the Main Exhibition Greenhouse.

Visitors of all ages and from dozens of countries come here to admire these representatives of the fauna, to learn about the amazing diversity of nature, and to attend educational exhibits full of fun. Insect experts will introduce guests to this special museum literally crawling with life. Besides, the Insectarium hosts many cultural events all year round.

A gift shop and a cafeteria are open in the building, and in summer guests can take a mini-train for a visit of the Botanical garden.

Address of Insectarium Museum:

4101, Sherbrooke East Street (Pie-IX metro station)

Phone: 514-872-1400


Montreal Insectarium. Photo : ©

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