Tour McGill

La Tour McGill is a 158 metres or 519 feet, 36 story skyscraper, located in Downtown Montreal. It was completed in 1962. Located on the Montreal’s most distinguished and visible downtown business avenue, this modern building blends handsomely with the neighbouring heritage architecture.

The skyscraper, designed by WZMH Architects, has been named for its address at 1501, McGill College Avenue. The building's form features a glass curtain wall that varies between blue and green depending on sunlight.

The tower is crowned with a hollow pyramidal spire. The top four floors form a penthouse that is lit white at night. It is usually lit white, green and red during the Christmas holidays. The McGill Tour has a 3-storey lobby and 32 floors. Its façade is of Atlantic Granite. Column-free interiors and continuous windows along all walls constitute its distinctive mark. 12-cabin, high-tech elevator system utilizes artificial intelligence. The roof is designed to receive satellite dish installations. 135 parking spaces are located on site.

The McGill Tour is directly connected to the McGill Metro station via the Underground City. The only problem is with taking a close-up street view of the McGill College Tour. Indeed, from the close angle, you can't see the distinctive glass penthouse with the coloured lights that change according to the season and various holidays and special events.

Visitors could get a better view of that from the corner of de Maisonneuve and McGill College, or, even closer, from the top floors of the Place Montreal Trust tower across McGill College.

mcgill tower

McGill Tower. Photo: ©

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