E-Commerce Place

The prestigious E-Commerce Place or La Cité du Commerce électronique in French project is initiated in 2000. The complex has been erected next to the former Guaranteed Pure Milk plant, a true Montreal legacy.

The choice of this location supports the commitment towards the protection of a historical business landmark and rejuvenates the sector with a futuristic vision of avant-gardism. The architecture of the E-Commerce Place is inspired by cylindrical and rectangular shapes. The expansion of the area began in 1889, when the site welcomed Windsor Station in 1889.

A few years later the Bell Telephone Co. followed suite wishing to benefit from the railroad tracks to build its copper wire networks. The development of this industrial area continues with the John Duncan Dairy Co. in 1900, and then the Purity Ice Cream Co. In 1927, the milk industry in Quebec was plunged into a crisis following a typhoid fever epidemic.

Thus the Guaranteed Pure Milk Co. undertakes the construction of a new Head Office on L’Aqueduc Street (today Lucien l’Allier Street). This company marks the beginning of modern sanitary milk distribution in Canada. The Guaranteed Pure Milk wishes to restore the public’s confidence in the milk industry and takes advantage of the need to build a water tower required for fire protection, by giving it the shape of a giant milk bottle which is known today as La Pinte. The Pint quickly became the symbol of a new era in the milk industry and still stands today as one of the most striking elements of Montreal’s heritage.

During the 1950s Dorchester Boulevard (today Rene-Levesque Boulevard) is reconfigured in order to meet the demands of increasing traffic in the sector and to answer the needs of its users in this increasingly busy part of the City. In the early 1990s, IBM undertakes the construction of an office building at 1250 René-Lévesque.

Today, the E-Commerce Place, a state-of-the-art complex, specifically designed for high tech-businesses, where innovation and state-of-the-art design bring out maximum expression of creativity. It has a revolutionary design focused on the needs and comfort of its tenants.

The complex comprises two office towers (one of 25 floors and the other of 17 floors) and covers nearly one million square feet, offering all the necessary services for comfort and convenience. From the food court to the convenience store, from financial to courier services, it’s all there. E-Commerce Place is listed as an “AAA” building and it’s much more than two impressive office towers.

A multitude of services are available in the complex making it a most inviting and practical environment for everyone – a convenience store, courier services, security, a parking garage…

cite commerce electronique

E-Commerce Place. Photo : © ProvinceQuebec.com

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